readywear® 2023: A Year In Review

  • by Janice Turner

As we bid farewell to another eventful year, we’re thrilled to reflect on the milestones we’ve achieved in 2023. This year has been marked by groundbreaking collaborations, innovative designs, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Let’s dive into the highlights and personal picks from our team members who’ve made this year truly remarkable.

The Evolution of readywear® Shirts

In 2023, Field Grey took a significant step forward in revolutionising workwear fashion by introducing our new readywear® shirts, launched at London Design fair this year.

Janice turned and commented, “I wanted to talk about a conversation that causes so much angst with our clients about how to do modern informal, and in turn, how our new products just launching in readywear® are designed to bring a modern lifestyle look to life, in particular our new shirts!

Since its inception, readywear® has always striven to deliver products representing the lifestyle brands we create apparel for as companies become more considerate of employees’ needs and aspirations. Earlier this year, we wanted to add something to our shirting line that can sit well between smart and casual, not shout “In need of a tie” or a jacket, for that matter, to look like a complete outfit.

Our short-sleeved shirt is designed to be worn both tucked or untucked; we kept coming back to an iconic shape: that of American workwear, a boxy fit that could equally work well with a workwear jacket or formal attireI am really proud of these items and believe they will be a source of great “relief” to our clients moving forward!

You can pre-order these items on our website. They are available in modern fabrics with 37.5 degrees technology colours, including Ink Blue, toast, khaki and flint.

Crafting the readywear® Gardener Jacket: Merging Functionality with Style

As part of the development of the readywear® collection for 2024, the readywear® Gardener Jacket emerged as a significant project, embodying a harmonious blend of practicality and design. This jacket, set to become a standout item in the 2024 collection, is one of Alice’s favourite projects of the year.

“The Gardener Jacket began as a concept aimed at blending function with form,”. Developed initially for Heckfield Place’s housekeeping team, it had to meet the demands of rigorous daily use. The jacket is crafted from 100% cotton, chosen for its durability and comfort. It features a plethora of functional pockets, designed to hold the tools of the trade.

Alice and the design team placed a significant emphasis on inclusivity, ensuring the Gardener Jacket was thoughtfully tailored to be unisex. “After multiple fittings and collaborative sessions with our expert pattern makers, we honed in on a fit that would be universally flattering and comfortable,”. This meticulous attention to detail underscores Field Grey’s commitment to creating garments that are accessible and appealing to all.

But the vision for the Gardener Jacket transcended its initial business-to-business model. “We wanted this jacket to be a staple, not just for those in the hospitality or gardening sectors, but for anyone who appreciates the confluence of utility and style,”. The jacket’s design, led by function, is versatile enough to transition from workwear to a cherished part of the everyday wardrobe.

“It’s the feedback from our clients and the wearers that truly shapes the future of our designs. I’m eager to see how this jacket evolves and becomes a part of our customers’ daily lives, both in and out of work.”


readywear’s® New Addition: The Neckerchief Range

2023 saw Field Grey expanding its readywear® collection with an exciting new addition: the Neckerchief Range.

“Our vision for the neckerchief range was to create something that not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a touch of elegance to any uniform,”. Recognising the need for versatile, fashionable accessories in the workplace, the team embarked on designing a range of neckerchiefs that complement the utilitarian essence of the readywear® collection.

A key challenge was ensuring the neckerchiefs fit a wide range of neck sizes while maintaining durability and style. “We wanted these neckerchiefs to be more than just a uniform accessory; they needed to be stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting,”. After extensive research and testing, the team selected a light, 100% cotton fabric known for its breathability and natural feel.

The range features an assortment of designs and colours, carefully chosen to suit various tastes and uniforms. “From the striking Striped Neckerchief in Cobalt Blue and Olive to the playful Polka Dot Neckerchief in French Navy with Chestnut or Olive with Off-White, each piece has its unique charm,”. The diverse colour palette and patterns ensure that there’s a neckerchief for every style and occasion.

As the neckerchief range prepares for its launch in January 2024, there’s a palpable excitement among the Field Grey team. “This is just the beginning of our journey in expanding the readywear® line with accessories that are both functional and fashionable, and we’re looking forward to seeing the range become a staple in BrandApparel collections.”



The Art of Socks: A readywear® Revelation

Later in the year, Georgeena turned her focus to the readywear® collection, specifically socks, in preparation for the London Design Fair. Revisiting a past collaboration with Peper Harow, she helped craft a new line of high-quality Egyptian cotton socks in a captivating cobalt blue, perfectly echoing the fair’s vibrant atmosphere and theme.

“Working with Peper Harow was a truly collaborative and creative process. From discussing and styling photoshoots to observing the socks’ production at their UK factory, every step was a joint effort”. The content created in this partnership was shared across social media, amplifying the reach and impact of the project.

The popularity of the socks at the London Design Fair was not just a testament to their quality but also to the power of collaboration. “Seeing the socks being celebrated was a testament to the hard work and passion invested in them,” Georgeena reflects with pride.

Georgia’s Role in Revitalising readywear® Labels

At the beginning of the year, Georgia took on the challenge of finalising the new branding for readywear® and Field Grey clothing labels. This behind-the-scenes yet vital aspect of garment production reflects the attention to detail that is a hallmark of the brand.

“Presenting the team with a fully realised range of labels ready for production felt like putting our signature on every piece we create”.

The arrival of these labels in January was a subtle but significant milestone. “Seeing our garments adorned with the new labels was a reaffirmation of our brand’s identity and ethos”. For Georgia, this project, although seemingly small, represented an essential element of Field Grey’s commitment to brand cohesion and quality.



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