The Essence of Spa Uniforms: A Designer's Perspective from readywear

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The readywear Difference 

At readywear, there are some key pieces in our capsule collection that are perfect for a spa environment. Our mission is to blend form with function, with products that not only meet the practical needs of spa professionals but also enhance the spa's brand and atmosphere. We believe in the power of design to transform the spa experience, making it more enjoyable for both staff and guests alike. Our commitment to quality, comfort, and style positions readywear as a leader in uniform design, redefining the standards of spa attire. By choosing readywear, spas can ensure their teams are outfitted in the best, reflecting the excellence and sophistication of their brand.

The Importance of Design and Comfort in Spa Uniforms

Spas are sanctuaries of peace and rejuvenation, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's imperative that every element within the spa, including the attire of the staff, reflects this philosophy.

Our design approach at readywear centres on creating uniforms that not only ensure the comfort of the staff but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the spa environment. Comfortable staff are happy staff, and this directly translates to a more welcoming and relaxing experience for guests

This means that the teams require attire that supports their busy schedules. Our uniforms are fashioned from blends of cotton & polyester supported with added stretch where required. These fabrics are selected for durability and comfort, ensuring that staff members remain at ease throughout their shifts.

heckfield place uniform
Heckfield Place collection. Click here for more information.

Please see below some selected items recommended for Spa Uniforms:

The following readywear items are recommended as key pieces for the spa uniforms, from the collection. Each garment consists of a modern and minimal aesthetic to give Spa staff an elevated and timeless look.

Ladies round neck tunic top: Minimal, modern, clean look. A round neck and ¾ length sleeves allow spa staff to move with ease, without sleeves getting in the way of tasks. This top is incredibly versatile, as it can be worn with chinos for a clean reception look.

readywear chinos: modern, straight leg with a relaxed fit, making these trousers suitable for a variety of different roles across spa staff, as they are easy to move around in, especially for active job roles. This ultimately helps to consolidate uniform orders, while also ensuring consistency across the range. The trousers are made with a unique cotton, polyester and elastane blend for extra durability and comfort.

Bib apron with cross back: Available in two materials: Poly/Cotton and 100% Cotton. This apron has been carefully designed with health, beauty and spa teams in mind, the apron sits above the knee to allow for maximum movement and comfort. The aprons are offered in a wide range of readywear colours, ensuring the uniforms can compliment brand colours, as well as working to interiors & natural environments.

Pinafore with cross back & square pockets: A stylish alternative to a full-length apron. This style provides a comfortable fit, allowing for movement and flexibility. Two front patch pockets offer room to store products.

Short Sleeve Relaxed Fit Shirt: A new short sleeve relaxed fit shirt is currently available for pre order as a new addition to the readywear collection. This shirt offers effortless style, which has been meticulously crafted for the perfect everyday item in mind. This shirt would be a great option for a minimal, yet luxurious spa uniform option to elevate styles with a touch of sophistication. Made in cotton / poly / elastane ensures comfort with a hint of stretch.


As designers deeply invested in the aesthetics and functionality of spa uniforms, we invite you to explore the readywear collection. Let us help you elevate the look and feel of your spa, enhancing the overall experience for every guest who walks through your doors.

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